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Exchange your Houses and Go on Vacation for Free!

Exchange your Houses and Go on Vacation for Free!

Partner Article: Why rent a house for the holidays and leave yours empty? Because you don't know the Home Exchange site yet. Find out and save on your holiday budget.

Holidays are for most of us a big budget to anticipate. Holidays have always been synonymous with spending. The train or plane ticket, the rental of the house, the apartment or even a hotel room, the restaurants, the ice cream cones and so on... A holiday budget is stressful .

However, it is not to stress that we go on vacation, right? I thought it was to rest, enjoy, relax, play sports, discover new landscapes, meet new people, drink a glass of rosé in the sun...

Why Pay to Go on Vacation?

Before , we went on vacation and we rented a house or an apartment. Often we left our empty house watched closely or from afar by our nice neighbors. And the biggest vacation budget was usually the rental of the house.

Lately , Airbnb appeared and we thought we could try to rent out our house to make it profitable while we rented another one. But not easy to find a family who will rent during the exact period of their vacation.

At best, you can rent your house or apartment for a week on Airbnb. Rare are the travelers who rent a property for several weeks in a row on this site. I know it well, I rent my apartment on Airbnb regularly for long weekends.

In short, what we spend on the one hand by renting a house, we are far from reimbursing it completely by renting on Airbnb. It's always that, you will tell me.

Except that now you can exchange your homes on the home exchange site. And it is undoubtedly the most economical solution.

How Does Home Swapping Work?

You start by registering on Home Exchange. Registration is not free. There are 2 types of subscription:

• The annual subscription at 49 € per year in public price.

• Lifetime subscription at 89 € in retail price.

Each subscription gives you the right to consult all the offers and an unlimited number of exchanges.

Then, post your offer with pretty pictures of your home. You indicate what you are looking for as a house to be lent to you, and in which region. The best way to post an effective ad is to view the ads that are posted on the site.

Then you get in touch with a family who has seen your ad or with a family with a house you like, you agree on dates, key exchanges and all the practical details and you're off...

Economical, Home Swap

Economical, because you don't spend anything on renting a house apart from the subscription. Then, your entire stay in "your holiday home" is in fact free. The family who lends you their house will move into yours during the holidays.

Economical, because you greatly reduce your meal budget during the holidays. Instead of going to a restaurant too often, you can shop and cook delicious food.

Economical because you do not have to pay tax on the rental of your house while you go on vacation. On Airbnb as everywhere, rental income is of course to be declared. It is often a sum that is not taken into account in the calculation even though it is substantial.

Home Swapping is Much More Than Economic

It's Friendly! And yes, you read me right, friendly. This free exchange system makes it possible to create links between the families who exchange. But it's not for me to convince you. Instead, read the testimonial page of the Echangedemaisons site by clicking here, it's heartwarming!

On one of the testimonials, we can read that a person left the keys to his apartment without compensation... Like that, just to please. And that at, these are values ​​that particularly affect us.

So are you ready to go on vacation for free and meet great people? Share your opinion on home exchange in comments.

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