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12 reasons to travel alone once in your life

While it is nice to see the world with family, friends, or a partner, traveling alone can also be crazy. A solo adventure has the potential to be life-changing. Here are 12 reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life.

1. You get strong
Realizing how resourceful you can be when you're alone will make you stronger. Anything you have to do without the company of others will increase your confidence.

2. You will learn to go outside your comfort zone
Travel leads us to unknown places and situations. A solo trip will expose you to a lot of new experiences outside your comfort zone. Spending time outside your comfort zone is essential for growth.

3. You learn to be decisive
If you travel alone, you will learn to be decisive; you will have to make every decision alone. From where to eat, to what time you go to sleep and wake up, what sights you will see, etc., traveling alone forces you to rely on yourself.

4. You recharge yourself
Traveling alone ensures that you get the rest and relaxation you need. You don't have to worry about others.

5. You get creative
A journey alone can make you creative because you have to find a solution for everything alone.

6. You can work on your bucket list
Is there something you want to do or where you want to go, and don't know anyone who wants that? Not everyone has to share your interests, but you can make them happen on your own.

7. You meet new people
If you enjoy meeting new people, this is your chance. You will start conversations with strangers faster and vice versa.

8. You will discover
Along with discovering the world, you will also have ample time for self-discovery. When you're alone, you can give yourself time to think about what you want, what your goal is, and what your priorities and passions are.

9. You increase your compassion
Traveling alone, without distractions, allows you to really see the world around you and it makes you realize what you take for granted.

10. You can do whatever you want
When you travel alone, you don't have to take others into account. You can choose and determine everything yourself.

11. You will learn to enjoy being alone
You will discover that you are damn good company!

12. … But that you miss the one you love
Absence makes loved. Time apart from your partner can do your relationship good. By traveling alone, you will hopefully be reminded of why you love your partner.