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Travel to Morocco:18 places to see at least once in your life

If the desire for a change of scenery awaits you, you should consider a trip to Morocco , a country that has the power to show you landscapes all as different from each other. Morocco , it’s a grand color palette. Green, Majorelle blue or even ochre. In Morocco , nothing seems sad. You can go from the desert to the mountains, from the mountains to the ocean. Surfer ? Essaouira will be your playground. Yes, it is not only in Biarritz that you can tame the waves .

Morocco, an African treasure

Morocco , located at the northwestern tip of North Africa, is known for its tourist aspect where the locals are particularly warm. The country is expanding over thousands of kilometres, along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts but is also shared by the Atlas mountain range . This is why there is a great diversity of landscapes. We visit, we look and we taste. Indeed, in the Kingdom of Morocco , gastronomy is at its peak. Rich, varied and spicy, Moroccan cuisine will delight your taste buds during your stay and there is no doubt about it. In short, Morocco is not only Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca. The country is full of unknown treasures .

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