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Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

Thailand is a beautiful country that you can visit by bike. It thus has several unmissable sites with cycle paths that you can explore alone or in a group, for sporting or entertainment purposes. It is important to know the best spots in the country in order to explore the most beautiful regions by bike.

The best spots for quiet walks

If you want to take a leisurely stroll alone or with your family, the best places are Koh Kret Island, Bang Kachao Park and Wachira Park. To complete these routes in the best conditions, discover the entire range of electric bikes from Bikester.

Bang Kachao

Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

It is a real haven of peace which is located near the countryside. This peninsula is a hybrid zone made up of a nature reserve and dwellings. This will be an opportunity to see its park, its small market and its temples. You can also walk along the paths of Prapradaeng.

Koh Kret

It is a small island located in the heart of the country, not far from downtown Bangkok. Here you will find the community that lives there and works in pottery. It is an environment rich in greenery that you will surely like if you are a follower of ecotourism. People travel there most of the time by bicycle and the purity of the air is undeniable.


Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

This park is a safe place for little ones who want to ride a bike. Adults are also affected. Previously, Wachira was a golf park for some railroad employees. Moreover, there are still traces of the old golf courses. The park has a space designed for cycling enthusiasts.

The best spots to dive in the heart of the city

Chiang Mai and Suphanburi are the best spots that allow you to explore the heart of the city.

Suphan Buri

Nicknamed the road of 9 temples, Suphanburi attracts visitors with its immense potential. The bike ride along the river is one of the essentials of this spot. The distance to cover is 7 km and the departure is near the Dragon Descendants Museum.

Similarly, a bike ride on the road of the 9 temples will allow you to see interesting sites. The start is also near the Dragon Descendants Museum and the first stage of the 9-stroke route is just a few meters away.

Chiang Mai

Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

The Chiang Mai area is a must to visit. It is very popular for discovery walks. Here, it is in the urban environment that walks are made with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can explore the city in all its glory. It is also the ideal place for an urban bike ride.

The best historical spots

The best historical places to discover by bike are Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.


This ancient capital can be easily explored by bicycle day and night. There are specially equipped trails as well as bike rental areas. Ayutthaya is thus one of the best historical destinations for cycling. This will be an opportunity to discover the many remains hidden there.


Explore Thailand by bike:the best spots

Sukhothai is a historical park offering the best conditions for cycling alone or with the family. There are many vestiges of the ancient city which are absolutely to be discovered. Cycling is an economical way to explore these curious remains. Several cycle paths await you there. It is advisable to establish a route in order to make an interesting route.


If you are a real sportsman, then you can go to Sky Lane Thailand. The latter is a real sporting course including many bike paths. Cyclists love to go there and access is completely free. Benjakiti Park is also an ideal place for cycling with a track specially designed for this purpose.